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Phoenix Core review
« on: May 30, 2013, 06:00:00 PM »

As development of Ashes of Phoenix continues steadily (yeah, we’re still there!), we would like to talk a bit more in details about the Core, the remaining center of Phoenix pre-war metropolis and the main location of the game. As said in previous news, Phoenix, which partially avoided destruction during the Great War, has become the place to go for a part of the population living near the West Coast in 2220. Untouched for a long period, its resources and facilities are now coveted by many.

The Core is a huge location, composed of a large amount of maps connected to each other at multiple spots. Different entrances or ‘gates’ are available for everyone, and you’ll find both dangers and treasures in its dark alleys. There are many reasons for you to explore Phoenix, and almost every notable ingame action will take place in its quarters. We hope that this city will constitute both a thrilling giant place to explore, alone or with friends, and a permanent battlefield in which cooperation between players of the same faction will be required to prevail over the enemy sides. Let’s have a closer look at Phoenix Core specifications:

First, you’ll have of course the possibility to scavenge and plunder the riches of Phoenix. Depending on the buildings you visit, you’ll find various item types, such as meds, weapons, crafting components or even collectible items that are worth some caps and which may also be exchanged for rewards with different people. In some places, you’ll also be able to find bigger amounts of certain types of components, useful to craft various sorts of items. These ‘hotspots’, as we call them, will often be found around or inside controllable areas.

So, coming to those controllable areas, we already explained how the Zone Control system basically works in a previous post, but now we would like to mention the rewards you’ll get from them. Controllable zones are key points of the city, facilities worth being guarded at all costs for the  essential and strategical benefits they offer. Aside from the rewards obtained via the Fame you get during combats, zone control also unlocks another kind of advantages affecting the whole faction. Having a zone under your control may for example impact merchants’ prices of certain items, or even unlock new ones that will be available to purchase as long as you own the zone. It will also allow you to interact with NPC’s directly located inside the zones. These people will propose you assignments or sell you rare items that you would not find easily elsewhere. Finally, by extending the grasp their faction has on the city, players will receive protection through patrols.

Patrols are an important feature of the game. As some testers have already experienced during the Alpha test we organized in February, NPC’s don’t simply stay idle. Especially in the Core, numerous bands of animals and humans travel, and you might well fall on them at any step of your journeys. We’ll continue to extend the panel of available opponents you’ll encounter, but we’ll also work on the neutral groups, such as merchants with who you could deal along your way. In zones you control, guards of your faction will patrol, bringing a relative safety to the place.

If those patrols were quite easy to avoid during the Alpha test thanks to the maps which were really open air, it won’t be the case anymore in the future. With the next version of the Core we’re working on, the city features various main roads on which ambushes may become common, and also secondary roads allowing you to take shortcuts towards your destination, or to surprise or avoid any threat encountered on the road. A lot of buildings and ruins will block the path and you’ll have to make your way deep into the unknown. Many interesting spots will be suitable for raids or sniping operations, and all in all, it’s gonna be up to you to discover the places you like to lure and kill your enemies.

Last but not least, we would like to mention that we’re working on a dungeon concept, that will be available into the Core and imply high level PvE as well as PvP. We’re also working on other features impacting your experience in Phoenix Core, and we’ll give you more details as soon as we’re able. Until then, see you around!
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