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Title: [ALPHA] 23.02.2013 hotfix #1
Post by: The Master on February 22, 2013, 09:23:29 PM
-Properly enabled random spawn feature of mobs in random encounters.
-Changed robot spawn to mantis spawn.

- Crafting dialogue can be accessed from workbenches in the Structure (the first level after the Courtyard area)
- Mechanic npc next to the workbenches works properly
- Tony DeCato dialogue on family courtyard properly working
- Ammo seller dialogues fixed. They can be found in the structure and work through dialogue, much like the crafting system.

- Group size of random spawn patrols decreased
- Temporarily removed random spawn critters from the mine maps until bug is solved
- Added a temporary caps value to crafting components

-Added a temporary merchant to each faction courtyard that will trade everything for caps, especially crafting components.

- Fixed visual issues on two core maps