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Title: [ALPHA] 07.03.2013 Changelog
Post by: The Master on March 07, 2013, 01:29:49 PM

- Fixed mine bug, so should be possible to mine again.
- Fixed so that weapon drops causes the dropped weapon to actually spawn on the ground.
- Critter speeds fixes (Farmers).
- Fixed bug in base invitation script that allowed you to invite players with rep < 30k.
- Fixed shotgun burst sound for single shot.
- Bleed not applied if target is invulnerable.
- Fixed doctor message (ticket 20 on the bugtracker).
- Fixed (maybe) the exile bugs... Was never able to reproduce them, but made some changes to how it works that might fix it.
- Fixed grenades so that they stack but you have to re-equip them to throw the next one. Same for weapon drops with stackable weapons.
- Targets will now remember the last critter that caused bleed to them. If a critter dies from bleed, the remembered attacker will receive XP/rep/fame.
- Fixed world map fog for the core.
- Fixed some perks so that you can't take them twice.
- Fixed issues with sounds for M240, M60, PKS, UKM and G11.
- Fixed divide by zero exception with FA and bandaged timer.
- Fixed 10mm AP.
- Changed rocket launcher (walk only, weight increased, minimum damage revised).


- Respawn place changed so that you now respawn in your base, if you have one, otherwise your room, otherwise in the courtyard, otherwise on worldmap (if you have no faction).
- Changed melee damage from 5 to 2 per strength.
- Changed amount of negative hp required to kill NPCs (5% of max life + 10hp).
- Disabled crit misses completely until we implement our new plans for them.
- Made it so that you can't tag useless skills (except unarmed and throwing) on character creation.
- Can't increase useless skills (except unarmed and throwing) with skillpoints (SP refunded when you close the window).
- Removed "armor" from awareness for NPCs.
- Pip-boy "Statistics" button renamed.
- ZC modified so that you only need one (eligible) player to keep ZC timer running for your team.
- Reduced the timer to get kicked from faction to 60 minutes (from 24 hours).


- Town/World entrances & previews on every location.
- Added respawn timer in top right corner.
- Added reputation loss that depends on amount of damage dealt.
- Allowed wakizashi blade to be used to harvest fibers.