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Title: [ALPHA] 04.03.2013 Changelog
Post by: The Master on March 04, 2013, 01:35:03 AM
- Science bug involving infinite resources.
- Crafting issues.
- Holodisk-related dialogue issues.
- Trapper dialogue for selling pelts.
- Some critter speed fixes.
- Maps blockers fixes.
- Dialogues and descriptions fixes.
- Many other minor fixes.

- Humanoid critters revised (HPs, Crit Chance, Skills).
- Increased reload AP of all mg's except LSW.
- Increased M60 ap cost.
- Modified 5,45x39mm ammo to pronounce differences in the two ammo types (blue nerfed, red buffed).
- Moved M240 and Rocket Launcher to tier 3 (no immediate effect).
- Random spawn patrols and routes slightly reworked, random spawn rates reworked.
- Player spawn positions on Random encounters revised.
- Random Encounters contain a bit more resources now.
- Armor weights and prices revised.
- Trading disabled with many NPCs of the game.
- Junk spawn rate reduced in most containers.


- New merchants in Headquarters: Todd, Arnold, Mary and Dr. Lewis for the Lawyers; Georgio, Mayhem, Tony Roberto, Father Pablo and Dr. Alissa for the Family. Dr. Alissa and Dr. Lewis require 30000 reputation to talk to the character.
- Flints and Xander roots can now be found in dust piles.