Author Topic: The Ashes Of Phoenix (In-Game lore and history - Screen test, Prelude) Video  (Read 2255 times)

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This is fan stuff and not official unless deemed so by official sources of officialness

Hello everyone.

This is a little test and not fully representative of finished feature.

I have the desire to make a series based on the lore and history of the world that has been created here for us.

I whipped up a quick prelude/pilot episode for you viewing, its very short but is meant to firstly give me a feel of how to format and present the whole thing and secondly give the developers a chance to tell me to stop before I start...If they so desire.

Lastly if anyone has input on points of interest concerning lore/history of their factions please do share (I will be doing my own research of course)
I want to take into account player generated events and situations, such as one faction having control of the entire city for a time and how another faction eventually took it from them etc.

I think together we could really flesh out the world, and set the lore in stone so to speak.
I think that alone would give AoP something other don't have? I can't think of one moment from lore or history from my time with other Fonlines.
However here I can recall a hand full of plot points at anyone time, making the world feel more believeable and alive.

I obviously took a lot of inspiration from the Fallout preludes.

Please enjoy, feedback appreciated.

Also could use better quality map. if anyone has :)
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This is epic!


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Eh, I like it. I don't see any problems with it. Can't imagine anyone else working on the project would see a problem with it.

Went ahead and moved it for you.

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