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2024 - Season (8)
« on: April 20, 2024, 08:18:07 PM »

Season 8 is the next upcoming Season in Ashes of Phoenix.

Launch date is 20.04.2024. The season will be a Vietnam style of season.

New additions:
- Fixed HotkeysConfig.exe and added all new Hotkeys for easier modification of Hotkeys.
- New Pipboy menu where some configurations can be easily changed in real time.
- A new throwable Trap (Caltrops)
- Overhauled Weapon Modification System. Weapon Mods
- Overhauled Anomalous Zones
- Added interactable slot machines throughout the core. You can now use pre-war money to gamble!
- Era 3 weapon crafts now require a special part, these parts can be found in the same places corrupted Blueprints were found.
- New pool of Heroic weapons - those that were used in the Vietnam war. A list of these weapons can be found here.
- Change to how Zone Control is started.
- New UI element to show the heat of surrounding areas.
- A LOT of new gun sounds. Seriously. A lot.
- Rumours of a new type of beverage have been going throughout the core. People say it is the new shit. Completely overloading your senses.
- Crafting sounds are now not map-wide anymore and instead positional like gun-fire. In addition to that the sounds itself are new.
- Item usage sounds are now not map-wide anymore and instead positional like gun-fire. You can now hear your friend gulping down that tasty Nuka Cola drink!
- Sound overhaul for resources gathering like mining/chopping wood
- Water - you can cross water with your character, but he will slow down while doing so. When you exit the water, you will slowly regain your full running-speed again.
- Bushes - you can now hide in bushes, only those close to you will be able to see you.
- More environmental sounds Unconfirmed!!

Client links:

Join the discord:
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