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2022 Winter Season Changelog
« on: November 30, 2022, 09:26:56 AM »

Winter Season (7) is here. Server start at 18:00 CET

Client download:

Unless explicitly mentioned in this Changelog, all changes and settings from the end of last season remain in place. Server will again start at Tier 2 and end at Tier 5. All of last seasons mid-season changes like Skill requirements, tech costs and catch-up mechanics are in place.

Only 2 factions accessible, Boreal Church (Suomi) and Hound Square (Soviet). The season will 3 months, 1 week and 6 days. Rats technically exist for neutral chars, but Merc'ing has been disabled.

Added new weapons:
    - SVT-38 (T5 Sniper)
    - SVT-40 Scoped (T6 Sniper )
    - LS/26 (T5 LMG)
    - Kg M/40 (T5 LMG)
    - Madsen LMG (T4 LMG)
    - L-41 Sampo (T6 Special MMG)
    - Valmet KvKK 62 (T7 LMG, non-event)
    - Mosin Nagant (T5 Sniper)
    - Mosin Nagant PU (T6 Sniper)
    - SGM/SG-43 (T5 HMG)
    - Suomi KP-31 (T5 SMG)
    - Lahti L-39 (T6 Special BG Sniper)
    - Rajamäki Molotov (T5 Grenade)

All period correct weapons that were used by either the red army or the finnish defence forces during the winter war are counted as event weapons. This goes for new ones as well as existing ones like AVS-36.
All event weapons will gain double the score, including legendary score.
Event weapons are only accessible through the high tier/reputation merchant of their respective factions. They are also added to the special weapons pool and be obtained through special blueprints. The merchant sells not just T+1 event weapons, but also T0 event weapons.

- Mining is disabled in wilderness
- Wood can be processed into Coal at furnaces
- Core tree regrow is now more consistent
- Added additional trees around the encanto area, and as replacement for palm trees, cacti and other desert plants, though not all are harvestable
- Normal critter drops like meat and tails can now also be sold for tech points
  + Additional such tech merchants have been added to each safehouse

- Added heat system in addition to recon:
  + As opposed to Recon, Heat is not faction-specific and zone-dependant, but is visible globally to everyone, everywhere.
  + Heat is generated by the actions of both players and NPCs
  + Dungeon heat is added to its surface zone points, while sewers are not.
  + Heat reacts and updates faster than recon

Zone Control/Legendary score:
- Basic distance-based legendary score modifier goes from 75%->125% based on your weapon's maximum distance, shorter range weapons getting higher modifier
- On top of that is added a flat bonus of 0-25% based on your current distance to target when you gain leg score.
  + The maximum of 25% is obtained when the target is closer than 1/3 of your maximum range, and decreases linearly to 0 when your target is further than that (up to max range) This particular bonus is additive, while the general max-range based bonus stacks multiplicatively with the event bonus
- Faction guard NPCs now give score, including legendary score, at 15% rate than that of an enemy player (It can not be cheesed by kiting and healing NPCs, they have a fixed amount of score to give). Shooting factions guards will not generate a clash (crossed sword symbol), but will be subject to recon and heat

- Blueprint crafts higher than current global tech level now require engineering as: (Tier - CurrentTier) * 20 + 20. Special blueprints require additional +10 skill.
  + Current tier and below BPs require 0 engineering, same as regular crafts
- Blueprint crafts get increased chance of extra perk depending on crafter's engineering skill
- Blueprints now give tech point discount based on your engineering skill
  + Maximum discount is 50% at 200 skill. Discount is linear so at 100 skill you get 25% discount
- Crafting at a factory gives additional 10% tech point discount
- You now get 1/5th of regular engineering skill progress if the craft is below your skill level and the craft costs tech points. The progress is based on both material and current tech cost. Previously you did not get progress for these crafts without BP

- Blueprints now show the item tier/era in the crafting screen and are sorted descending by tier
- Global tech progress is now 2x slower than previously (Global tech mostly affects merchant stock and certain item spawns)
- Adjusted/decreased crafting delays

- You now get a new build slot every 15 total character levels (prev. every 20 levels)
- Maximum experience gain multiplier is now 3.0x (prev. 2.5x)

Quality of Life:
- Add client-side automatic smart container sorting option
- Add favoriting items in inventory by double clicking -> items stay at the top and won't be quick-dropped
- Add moving/sorting items inside inventory by dragging with cursor
- Disable scrolling down if new items are added to inventory and inventory scroll is > 0 (Inventory screen wont shift around while looting or sciencing)
- Enabled item quick use also in container window (try CTRL+click to read books)
- Relics are now stackable
- Display weapon/item condition on UI
- Play sound when harvesting tool breaks
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